Why Your Bathroom Has Centipedes And How To Get Rid Of Them

November 21, 2022
Why Your Bathroom Has Centipedes And How To Get Rid Of Them

Out of the different types of centipedes that inhabit the average home in Singapore, it is undoubtedly the house centipede that one would come across. Resembling spiders, these centipedes have numerous legs and long bodies and are often found in the bathroom. Without a doubt, finding a centipede in your bathroom is truly an unpleasant experience. These horrifying sci-fi monsters can make your heart skip a beat, especially if you spot them in your bathroom just when you are about to take your morning shower or attend to nature’s call.

Oftentimes, centipedes come into your bathroom to seek food and shelter. They can stay inside your bathroom until they mature through various developmental stages. Once they have developed, they are more than capable of looking big and long enough to scare you. But why does your bathroom have centipedes in the first place? What makes this part of your house the ideal habitat for these many-legged critters? In this article, we share the truth about centipedes in your bathroom as well as the different ways you can get rid of them.

Why centipedes like staying in your bathroom

There are some rational explanations as to why you would most likely find centipedes in your bathroom instead of in your living room or kitchen area. Below are some of the primary reasons why you can always spot centipedes in your bathroom:

  • They require moisture to survive

The primary reason you’re always finding centipedes in your bathroom is that this area of your house is full of damp spaces, which centipedes enjoy. Centipedes are creatures that require a constant source of water to survive. Water is their main source of nourishment, and since they do not have a moisture-preserving cuticle, they are always searching for water to refill their reserves.

Your bathroom provides numerous excellent sources of moisture that centipedes need to thrive. The splashed water on your floor and walls, the residual water in your bathtubs and basins, and the condensation from your hot baths or showers – all of these ultimately make your bathroom the perfect place for centipedes to reside in.

  • They cannot handle harsh temperatures

Centipedes do not have much internal control over their body temperature. This means that their body temperature is only dictated by the temperature of their environment. Ideally, centipedes prefer to be in cool spaces. They cannot survive in environments with severely hot or cold temperatures.

With insulation, an air conditioning system, and a roof for shade, your house offers centipedes the most favourable conditions for them to survive. Your bathroom, particularly, is one of the cooler areas in your home. Hence, centipedes are unsurprisingly attracted to it.

  • Your bathroom is full of household bugs

Aside from constant water supply and temperature control, food supply is another reason centipedes like staying in your bathroom. Centipedes are carnivorous arthropods that feast on insects and other bugs, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and beetles. All of these creatures are common household insects that you can frequently find in your home and yard.

If you have been seeing more centipedes in your house recently, specifically your bathroom, there is a great chance that their prey has increased, and you will have more than one pest problem to fix. The damp spaces and crevices of your bathroom provide plenty of digestible cellulose, fibre, and mould to other insects. Once you have attracted these insects, their predator centipedes will follow.

How to keep centipedes away from your bathroom

While centipedes do not pose a threat to humans since they do not carry or transmit diseases, their presence can still be bothersome. Hence, it only makes sense for you to want to get rid of them. Here are some of the most effective ways to make your bathroom free from these intimidating arthropods: 

  • Catch them 

The most humane way to get rid of centipedes is by catching them. You can easily catch a centipede using a drinking glass and paper. All you have to do is simply turn your glass over the centipede, slide your paper underneath, and flip the glass over to trap the centipede inside.

Centipedes cannot climb against smooth and slippery surfaces like glass and ceramic. Thus, you will most likely find it not that challenging to catch a centipede and bring it outside for release.

  • Kill them with pesticides 

If you’re afraid of going near a live centipede, you can use a pesticide to eliminate it instead. The pesticide option for treating centipede infestation usually comes in a spray form. Once you spray a pesticide over a centipede and it comes into contact with the chemical, it will kill them instantly.

Pesticide sprays enable you to target centipedes as you see them, killing them almost immediately. While these sprays can be bought at your local supermarket, you can also make your own poison spray with the use of white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and peppermint essential oil.

  • Prevention and treatment

To wholly eliminate pesky centipedes in the most effective way possible, you would need to employ various preventive measures to keep them out of your bathroom. This includes sealing off any cracks in the foundation and walls of your home, repairing the gaps in your window and door frames, cleaning out your drains regularly, and eliminating excess moisture in your bathroom.

Moreover, you also need to eliminate the food source of centipedes in order to force them to leave your home. You can do this by engaging the services of pest control in Singapore, which specialises in eradicating household insects like bed bugs and cockroaches. Once you have made your home pest-free, you will no longer have to worry about spotting centipedes in your bathroom again!


The dampness, mild temperature, and presence of household bugs are reasons you might always find centipedes crawling across your bathroom floor. These multiple-legged arthropods can make your bathroom experience truly unpleasant and horrifying. Fortunately, getting rid of centipedes is easy with the help of pesticides and the professional solutions of a pest control company.

If you have been suffering from the persistent presence of centipedes in your bathroom, calling in professional aid should do the trick. For any pest problem, PestClinic is the company you should turn to! We have affordable and effective pest control services, such as termite inspection and residual spraying, designed to make your house safer from these pesky pests.

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