Why You Should Call For Bee Relocation When Dealing With Bees

August 29, 2023
Why You Should Call For Bee Relocation When Dealing With Bees

Although everyone is aware of the importance of bees to the natural environment, the fact remains that they can be a nuisance and become a risk to public safety when they make their homes close to humans. The increase in these social insects inhabiting urban areas is mainly due to the fragmentation and destruction of their natural habitats. And disturbing their nests may cause them to turn aggressive and attack intruders.

While bee stings hardly pose any danger, some may be allergic to them and suffer severe sting reactions. Thus, if you notice signs of a bee infestation in your household, read on to discover why it is best to call for bee relocation instead of doing do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control.

How people get rid of bees

There are a few traditional ways to tackle pest control for bees, including:

  • Using insecticides with agrochemicals on the bees’ feeding site or hive works well to make the insects leave.
  • Applying repellent sprays made of vinegar and water is a quick and easy method to deter bees.
  • Using smoke from burning wood and leaves below the beehive effectively drives away the occupants inside.
  • Spraying a solution of soap and water also works to get rid of bees.

Do note that while these methods generally work, they are not safe for humans and bees, potentially agitating the latter and increasing the risk of getting stung and killing them. With the ongoing preservation of bee populations worldwide, it is best to opt for a safer method to remove bees from your property through bee relocation.

How does bee relocation work?

Unlike traditional pest control methods for bees that kill the entire colony, bee relocation is a more environmentally-friendly way of removing bees from your residence. It involves safe handling of the beehive colony and low-risk transportation to bee farms to ensure their survival and continued pollination activities that sustain the ecosystem.

Pest control experts assess the beehive’s environment and identify the species of bees it houses to devise the best approach to collect the hive and arrange it for relocation. Ideally, this is done after sunset to ensure no bees get left behind since they spend most of the day foraging outside and return to their nest in the evening.

Tips to prevent bees from coming back

1. Close off potential entry points

Due to their small size, bees can enter through tight spaces a quarter of an inch wide or around 0.6 cm. Regardless of where the bees were previously found on your premises, it is recommended to closely inspect your house for any other potential entry points and close them off so that bees and other pests can no longer take shelter in your home.

2. Remove outdoor clutter

Should you live in a landed property, reducing or removing clutter outside the house helps deter bees from nesting in your backyard. Unused items, lawn equipment, and other appliances can all make suitable shelters for bees to build their hive.

3. Remove any leftover honeycombs

Remove any leftover honeycombs made by the previous bees, as their presence releases a pheromone scent that can attract new ones. These are typically found within inaccessible areas like roof eaves.

4. Avoid planting high-scented and colourful flowers

Yellow, purple, violet, blue, and white flowers and high-scented blooms lure bees to your garden and attract them to make their nest nearby. If you still wish to have beautiful flowers in your yard without attracting the attention of bees, plant trumpet-shaped flowers instead, like narcissus and morning glories. These are far less appealing to bees as their shape makes it difficult to get to their nectar.


Although bees can be a nuisance to humans and pose a safety risk with their bee stings, they are incredibly important social insects that play a significant role in our environment. So, if you spot live bees or their beehives on your property, call for professional pest control services immediately to safely take them away from your residence.

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