Why Soil Treatment Is A Crucial Pre-Construction Measure

July 19, 2022
Why Soil Treatment Is A Crucial Pre-Construction Measure

Picture this: you bought some land with your hard-earned money, with the intention to build a new house from scratch for your family. Once the house is successfully built, you start to notice termites decaying in your door frame. Your first reaction may be to treat the termites yourself; the truth is, this will only help momentarily. DIY approaches are often not so effective in eradicating a complete colony, and the harm will worsen in the long term. But what if there exist anti-termite treatments that could be performed long before construction works even begin? After all, prevention is better than cure.

Having a pest control specialist deal with the situation in its early stages ensures that the infestation will be contained. However, once the colony has been exterminated, another issue awaits: the unsightly and often deadly wreckage left behind by the termites. Some examples include maze-like webs creeping over your walls as well as potentially unsecured cabinet doors that might come off at any time. In the matter of termite damage, prevention is the most important step in preventing a termite population from causing damage to your property, which will typically be followed by additional repair bills.

Completed before construction begins, soil treatment is one of the most crucial measures to ensure the integrity of your building. The following are the reasons why;

1. Creates an anti-termite barrier 

Soil treatment gets rid of the issue of gaps forming in the protective barrier to ensure that the termites will not be able to come up from the soil into your property. Some companies that offer termite inspection in Singapore will install a physical barrier underneath the building to repel and kill termites at all entry points, ensuring unparalleled protection against such pests.

2. Provides immediate protection

As mentioned, prevention is the most vital step in ensuring that no termite population will damage your property. By utilising the necessary soil treatment, the land where your house will be constructed will be treated with chemicals to repel termites, covering every square inch of the ground to successfully keep those pesky subterranean termites away.

3. Helps you save money in the long run

For one, soil treatment is relatively less expensive and is not as labour-intensive as treating termites in an existing structure. By thinking ahead and doing the necessary steps to prevent termite infestation in the future, you virtually no longer have to worry about spending money on repairing your home due to termite damage.

It also helps to know that insurance policies in Singapore do not usually cover termite damage. This means that you will likely be paying for the repairs from your own pocket, which can definitely put a massive dent in your budget.

4. Saves you time and effort 

Hiring a professional pest control services provider helps you ensure that the job will be done right the first time. This is because they have the necessary tools and supplies to effectively prevent termites even before your home is being constructed. That way, you will not need to lift a finger or waste your time researching what needs to be done – instead, you can hire experts who are capable of doing a much better job.


Soil treatment creates a termite barrier after the ground is levelled and before the concrete is poured. This is the most effective way to prevent termite growth in your home’s foundation. When considering one, it is highly recommended that you choose a competent pest control in Singapore to better assist you. Engaging in professionals who are well-versed in these areas can help guarantee a termite-free building in the future.

At PestClinic, we have accumulated years of experience assisting homeowners and business owners in making their properties termite-proof – our soil treatment consists of premium chemicals to prevent the growth of subterranean termites. Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection!

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Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!