What You Should Do When You Discover An Ant Infestation

April 19, 2021

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Ants are social creatures. This means when one manages to infiltrate your home, you can expect more may follow. They usually enter a place looking for food, and what is a better food source than a home?

Finding an ant infestation in your house can be a real headache. As such, it is essential to know the tell-tale signs of an ant nest building and how you can get rid of it. Let us explore what these signs are and the various solutions available to you.

How to spot an ant nest

If you spot a house ant, it is critical to track down its nest immediately. Ants are insidious pests that can cause further damage if left unchecked. Here are several clues that could alert you to a possible ant infestation in your home.

  • Wood shavings

Should you own any wooden furniture, it is vital to look out for any signs of wood shavings nearby. These shavings could be a sign of carpenter ants. They have a nasty habit of chewing through softwood to build their nest.

  • Swarmers

Most ant species work in a pack, so you will likely encounter a group of them should your house be infested. Most likely, they may have built a nest outside your home and are entering through several openings in the house’s foundation.

  • Dead ants

If you notice a pile of dead ants, especially near your windows, you could have an interior ant infestation. An interior ant infestation can be troublesome, so it essential to track down their nest as soon as possible.

  • Moist areas

Ants typically build their nest in moist areas with easy access to water. You should keep a lookout for any leaky pipes and have them fixed as soon as possible. Should you spot any ants in your house, check for any possible nest in nearby moist areas.

Possible solutions to your ant problem

There are various homemade remedies readily available that can help you with your ant problem. Ant traps are conveniently accessible, and you can buy them either online or at your nearby hardware shops. Look for traps that produce a pleasant scent as ants are attracted to both sweet and pleasant aromas. These remedies can prove to be very effective in eliminating your ant problem. A glue trap is also another viable pest control option when dealing with an ant infestation.

You can also use chemical bug sprays and insecticides to get rid of your problem. When using these products, one must be adequately protected. Specific chemical sprays and insecticides can be harmful to the body if exposed to a large quantity. Make sure to wear a mask and protective gloves when handling these chemicals.

However, if you find yourself constantly plagued with this issue and these methods aren’t working, you should consider hiring an exterminator. These ant pest control services are the most efficient way to get rid of these pesky bugs. With their wealth of experience, they can identify the nest quickly and get rid of them. Once they have discovered the source, they will typically apply poison to the nest to ensure that the infestation is put to a halt. This method is one of the most common and effective ways to eliminate an ant infestation.


Apart from being pesky pests, ants can harbour and transfer harmful bacteria, effectively contaminating your food and water. Moreover, they can also destroy your furniture.

To ensure that your home is protected, it’s crucial that you eliminate the problem at the source as quickly as possible. If you spot any signs of an ant nest, you can try out the methods we suggested. If the problem persists, seek out a professional pest control company immediately.

Professional Pest Control Services

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!