Top 5 Pests You Should Watch Out For When Buying A Home

July 15, 2019

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Before you sign the deal on that home you’ve set your eyes on, you should get an inspection of the premises done. Buying a house is surely a considerable investment that you don’t want to get into blindly. One of the reasons why you should do so is to check for pests. Pests, regardless of type, can be very destructive—hence the need to have the home treated before you and your family move in.

The pests that you should look out for consist of:

Rats and mice

These rodents can cause a lot of damage to property. The tendency to nibble anything in their way puts any wiring cables in your house at risk. The fact that they give birth at a fast rate that allows them to increase in population quickly is also rather fearsome. They are even known to destroy clothes and stationery that they chance upon in their path.

One way to tell whether or not they’re present in your home is if you spot their droppings in and around the house. You will likely also see evidence of stains from their urine. Telltale signs include burrows in nearby areas outside the home. These burrows are usually the way for these pests to gain entry to the compound and enter the house.


Ants are small creatures that can be both dangerous and annoying. Carpenter ants are capable of eating away at wood and destroying the structural stability of a home. Other types of ants usually love to infest foodstuff. They are generally found in the kitchen and will invade any food that’s left over or not stored away properly. You should check the cracks on the walls to see if any ants appear from them. Ants also love damp and warm areas. In a house, they usually walk in a trail, making it rather easy to spot them.


Termites are one of the worst pests and have been known to cause massive damage to the structures of buildings. They are usually found in a mud tube around the home and the basement. You need to have the house fumigated immediately once you see a sign of termites. Approach pest control company in Singapore to help you with termite removal.


Cockroaches can be found wherever there is a pile of dirt or leftover food. They love warmth and heat. This means that they can also be found comfortably even in the oven or microwave. The presence of cockroaches is also a clear reflection of the state of hygiene in your home.

Bed Bugs

These pests may not destroy the structure of a building, but they sure can give you and your family much discomfort. These types of pests tend to hide in fabrics and are often found in furniture like mattresses and couches. The small bugs usually bite the body at night, causing many individuals to lose some much-needed sleep. As tiny as they are, getting rid of them can often be a huge hassle, taking quite a bit of time before a thorough eradication. That’s why you’ll likely end up having to contact bed bug control services to get rid of your problem and get a good night’s rest.

Once you are entirely sure that the home doesn’t have signs of such pests, then you can comfortably seal the deal and buy the house. If you do spot some seemingly suspicious signs, then approach bed bug control services to solve the issue before going through with the process.

Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!

Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!