Top 4 Reasons Why Termites Are Not Favoured In Homes

December 13, 2022
Top 4 Reasons Why Termites Are Not Favoured In Homes

When an infestation starts to spread, termites often create tension and inconvenience to homeowners. In addition to the damages, these insects are difficult to distinguish and identify, much alone get rid of termite issues on our own. Hence, these pesky termites need to be eradicated from your home as soon as you spot signs of an infestation with the aid of termite control in Singapore.

In this article, we share four reasons why termites are not desirable in homes.

1. Most home remedies are ineffective

Since termites need specific ingredients to eliminate them, not all solutions will be effective. For example, using essential oils and other food ingredients might only have a few deterring effects, but they are less successful in eradicating colonies.

Moreover, the fact that termites frequently reside within structures or underground makes exposing them to these ingredients challenging. And since they increase their colony size by obtaining food, exposing them to less targeted termite remedies might only result in a less-than-ideal outcome. In fact, this could lead to an infestation that is more severe due to their constant presence in your house.

2. Termites are travellers that disperse their colony

Termites are strong in terms of their ability to survive, travel quickly and far, efficiently propagate their presence, and produce large numbers of offspring. They develop enormous colony empires that are sufficient to cover their authority in your abode and have organised functions and duties to keep the colony expanding. Therefore, if not treated promptly, a small termite infestation can develop into a major one. Unfortunately, they can even travel to side units or flats at higher levels, affecting not just you but your neighbours as well.

3. They are capable of damaging your furniture and home

In addition to causing allergies to be triggered by termites’ droppings, they can cause severe damage to furniture and the home, such as causing ‘dusty’ surfaces along window sills as well as collapsed and damaged ceilings, thereby destroying flooring and other furniture. While the damages are expensive and often dangerous, they also present problems for the home’s aesthetics. Houses that have made efforts in interior design would be affected the most, as it requires investing time and money to redecorate the space and purchase furniture.

4. Termites typically resemble ants

Except for pests with distinctive appearances, like lizards and caterpillars, it is probable that most pests have similar appearances. For instance, it can be challenging to tell the difference between American and German cockroaches, mice and rats, and other pest species. But when it comes to ants and termites, their physical characteristics, outlook, and habitats may be similar. An example would be that termites and carpenter ants both lurk about wooden furniture; however, one is only there for tunnelling while the other is there for foraging. Moreover, unless you closely examine and study them, we may not be aware of the differences in the characteristics of termites and ants, such as their colour tone and antenna.


Termite inspections in Singapore are essential in preventing any additional harm to your property, especially in light of the destruction that termite diseases may bring. Regular inspections with pest control in Singapore can help keep your abode free of pests. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, contact PestClinic immediately for effective pest solutions.

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