Should House Cleaning Be Done Before Or After Pest Control?

June 27, 2023
uld House Cleaning Be Done Before Or After Pest Control?

Many people yet to be convinced of the value of pest control misunderstand it as a short-term solution that does not compare to good old regular house cleaning. And while maintaining tidiness is essential to a pest-free home, not every pest problem can be solved with just cleaning.

For instance, termites are generally attracted to wood and thrive in humid environments, meaning they can invade a household regardless of whether it is clean – one of the many reasons they are not favoured in homes. Termite control at home in Singapore gets to the bottom of this problem by identifying the termite species to determine their most effective treatment options.

As such, a better perspective would be having pest control and house cleaning work together so that one does not negate the other. But when considering the help of a professional exterminator, which of the two comes first? House cleaning or pest control?

Why deep cleaning comes first before pest control

1. Ensure the effectiveness of the pest treatment

First and foremost, deep cleaning the home is best done before pest control since doing it after interferes with the effectiveness of the treatment applied by pest control technicians. It should go without saying that washing away the chemicals means they will no longer work efficiently, defeating the purpose of the service.

2. Cleaning sets the ground for pest treatment

Deep cleaning of every room is the foundation for the upcoming pest control service. By keeping things tidy and out of the way, like removing cobwebs, insect nests, and so on, the exterminators will have an easier time doing their job and ensure their treatments will be effective and efficient.

3. Eliminates hiding places

Cleaning the home includes decluttering it by storing things where they belong and disposing of unused items. This leaves pests no place to hide and will be vulnerable to disinfection and the toxic-free chemicals in pest treatment. Furthermore, conducting pest control after cleaning increases its potency and deters new pests from entering the house. All in all, it is well worth clearing the breeding grounds of pests in the home before treatment.

4. Drives out pests

House cleaning before the day of the pest control service helps clear out the hiding places where pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies take shelter. Flushing them out leaves them out in the open and easy to spot, making it quick and easy for the exterminators to apply their pest control measures and ensuring all the pests that have reached maturity are taken care of, leaving only the eggs and offspring they may have left behind.


Cleaning the home to eliminate the ‘funny’ smells left behind by the non-toxic chemicals used in pest treatment is among the many common mistakes people often make after pest control. But after reading the contents above, it should now be clear why this is inadvisable and how cleaning before the service takes place is the better approach.

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Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!