Professional Pest Control And What To Expect In The Service

June 14, 2023
Professional Pest Control And What To Expect In The Service

Dealing with pests is no easy task, which is why most do-it-yourself (DIY) methods rarely work, if at all. Therefore, relying on professional pest control services that can guarantee effective results using safe and efficient solutions is always better. If you have no previous experience working with pest control, it can help to know what to expect when you’re considering engaging their expertise soon. Apart from the initial inspection to get a good grasp of your pest problem, the process will vary greatly depending on the treatment you need. Below, we cover the general process of many pest control services so you can be better prepared.

1. Inspection

Tackling any issue starts with a thorough understanding of the problem, which is especially important in pest control. Inspectors must be certain of what they are dealing with and the severity of your pest problem to develop the proper solutions. This involves a comprehensive investigation of the inside and outside of the house to spot clues that can aid in the job, such as signs of infestation, conditions that caused them in the first place, potential entry points, and damage caused thus far.

Afterwards, the inspectors will share their findings, proposed treatment plan, and total service cost with a breakdown of the individual fees along with details of each aspect of the job. These may include sealing potential entry points, eliminating the conditions that attract the pests, single or recurring treatment, and so on. Warranty, insurance, any prep work you may have to do on your end, and other concerns will also require further discussion.

2. Preparations before starting with treatment

Pest control treatments may or may not require any prep work before getting started, with the latter often only needing you to leave your home for several minutes until the service is complete. For the former, they may require you to do your own preparations ahead of time to ensure your family’s safety or increase the effectiveness of the pest control treatment. Since pest control services vary from one another, it is vital to verify these details with the inspector before the day of the job. For instance, when preparing for non-toxic fumigation, you may need extensive preparation as you, your family, and your pets will likely be required to be out of the house during the treatment.

3. A thorough rundown on the day of the job

On the big day, the exterminators will do another once-over of the property or residence and include any newly infested areas in the treatment. They will check with you to see if any other pest-related developments have occurred since the initial inspection. Furthermore, they will verify if you have completed all the necessary pre-treatment preparations they provided to make sure everything is safe and will go smoothly. Lastly, the technicians will relay any do’s and don’ts to keep in mind after the treatment and recommend follow-up services if necessary.

What happens next will depend on the service to be performed. For example, if it is pest control for carpenter ants or rodents like rats, the process will entail eliminating all the pests in the house and their source, along with sealing the gaps and crevices to prevent new ones getting in.

4. Results may not be instantaneous

It is essential to understand that for pest control services other than fumigation, the effects will rarely be immediate. This is because most pesticides are designed to be returned to the creature’s nest or home (like in the case of cockroaches, rats, ants, and even fleas) and may take weeks to months to fully exterminate the pests they are made for.

When it comes to insects in particular, it is vital to know that seeing a single bug occasionally does not mean the treatment failed, but rather that they simply managed to find their way inside through an open door or window. However, if you notice more of them a month after the treatment is complete, call the pest control company again to notify them of the issue. And most importantly, avoid using off-the-shelf pesticides to deal with it yourself as they may disrupt the pest control company’s treatment and reduce its effectiveness.

5. Safety warnings regarding pesticides

Many pest control treatments are harmless to humans when they dry, but bait poisons and various pest traps may be dangerous to children and pets. If your treatment plan includes such products, your pest control technician will brief you on where they placed them around your home. While these baits and traps are typically placed in strategic locations that are out of reach for children, it is nonetheless vital to be careful and keep your family members away from them until they are removed by professionals.


Unlike most other services, pest control requires working closely with the provider to ensure the service is as safe and effective as possible. That said, since pest control is a reactive approach to infestations, it may not suffice if your area or region is naturally home to various pests that may keep coming back. In that case, regular pest control is important and the best solution to continually keep them at bay.

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!

Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!