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Latin NameDiptera
LengthAround 1cm
Common SightingRubbish waste
Latin NameDiptera
LengthAround 1cm
Common SightingRubbish waste

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Quick Facts

There are over hundred thousands of species of flies in the world. Most of them have the same life cycle and have an average life span of a month. They can only be differentiated by their physical attributes, feeding habits or habitats.

Out of these various types of flies, housefly is the most common breed found in our homes.

A housefly defecates about 300 times in a single day – once in every 4-5 minutes. Houseflies are the carriers of many diseases, and they are known to transfer over 100 pathogens resulting in some serious diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery. Houseflies do not bite and feed only on liquids which they produce by spitting saliva solid food to pre-digest it.

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Common species

Fruit Flies


Fresh Flies

Sewer Flies/Drain Flies/Filter Flies/Moth Flies

Sign of infestation

The appearance of large numbers of adults, and the presence of creamy-white maggots about 6mm long on garbage or manure are the most obvious sign of a fly infestation. In the case of a heavy infestation, deposits of saliva and faecal material (fly specks) can often be seen on walls and surfaces where the flies rest.

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How to get rid of this?

Residual Spraying – Water-based applications. Spray around doors, windows, on walls, trash receptacles, dumpsters, in food areas of restaurants, in dining rooms, etc.

Misting – Smoke out effect for immediate knock down in case of heavy infestation.

Fly Killer – Fly killer machine installed particularly for F & B establishments for control measure.


Genus Spectra Compact

Genus Spectra





Fly Control Dispenser – Air control with the use of natural Pyrethrum(a form of chrysanthemum extract) is effective against every type of flying insects. Air control is used in the food industry (e.g restaurants, bars, bakery, kitchen etc) and in the accommodation industry (Hotel, camping B & B, etc)

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