Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Latin nameCimex lectularius
LengthLess than 7mm
ColorRusty-brown, reddish-brown after fed
Common SightingMattress folds

Quick facts

Bed Bugs are known as annoying biting pests, and they increase in importance, including in hotels and other lodging establishments. The effect of bed bugs bites produce red welts that itch. The bite are not painful and typically are not felt. However, frequent feeding can disrupt peoples’s sleep and make them irritable.

Adult bed bugs are about 0.5cm long , oval , reddish-brown , and wingless. They require blood in order to reproduce and complete their life cycle. Both male and female bed bugs feed on blood and take repeated blood meals during their lives. Female require blood for the development of eggs.

Sign of infestation

  • Bed bugs’ exoskeletons after molting
  • Bed bugs in the fold of mattresses and sheets
  • rusty–colored blood spots due to their blood-filled fecal material that they excrete on the mattress or nearby furniture
  • Sweet musty odor
  • Bites that form straight lines

How to get rid of this?

  • A thorough inspection will be carry out to identify nesting area
  • pesticide residual spray to entire house including all mattress, bedframe, skirting, crack and crevices ,gaps ,electrical trunking etc, at our recommended interval for the control of bed bugs

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