Pest Control Measures To Make At The Construction Phase

June 8, 2020

When people think of pest control, they often think of it like fire-fighting: They only call pest control when there is an infestation.

However, just as how you can build a property’s defence against fires by thoroughly equipping it with fire extinguishers, fire exits, and fire retardant materials, you can also equip a property to be as pest-free as possible, beginning from the construction of the building.

If in any case you are involved in the construction of a new building as a home or commercial property, you can implement pest control measures for the property from the ground up. Communicate with your building contractors and a pest control company to see how they can work out a plan to ‘pest-proof’ the building.

Here are some steps that can be taken during the construction process to minimise pest infestations and reduce the chances of future infestations:

Soil treatment for termites

During the pre-construction phase, an anti-termite solution can be applied beneath the area where the building is to be constructed. This creates a barrier which deters termites from entering the building from the ground. Before concrete slabs are laid, termiticide can also be applied on them to reinforce this barrier.

Landscape wisely

Some pests enter buildings from the ground, plants, or wooden furniture. Keeping pest control in mind is important during the landscaping and design phase, as it allows you to decide where these risky objects are placed. For example, when choosing plants for a landscape, consider if it will be an attractor to pests. Avoid putting shrubs or trees too near to buildings, as bugs from them can easily find their way into the building.

Intervention during construction

Construction sites themselves are a big risk for breeding pests. The act of construction itself can also disrupt nearby pest populations and cause new infestations. That is why pest control management even during the course of construction is highly crucial. In the event that these pests are not eradicated at this stage, they can live on and affect the new occupants of the building, and become a tougher problem to deal with later.

Keep entry points sealed

Pests can find their way into buildings through tiny crevices and openings, from cracks in the walls, to air vents or water pipes. At the final stages of construction, it will be useful to conduct a check of all these openings and secure them to prevent pests from entering. You can add mesh coverings, steel wool, or cover it up completely with a sealant where possible.

Pest control shouldn’t just be a fire-fighting act. After all, prevention is better than cure! Start it right by partnering up with a pest control company early on in your construction process to keep the premises free of pests. You’ll be thankful for this step, as it will drastically reduce the pest problems you will have down the road! Don’t wait until you have to call in emergency termite control; put up your defences against these pests and more from day one.

Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!

Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!