Pest Control And Pest Management: Is There A Difference?

November 15, 2022
Pest Control And Pest Management: Is There A Difference?

Pest problems are common both at home and in the office. When ignored, these problems can result in serious health risks and costly solutions. Hence, if you are experiencing a rodent infestation at home or a termite invasion in your workplace, the best course of action you should take is to immediately engage in rodent and termite control in Singapore. The same thing goes for other types of pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes.

When it comes to solving pest problems, two terms are usually used, often interchangeably: pest control and pest management. Although these terms are similar in nature in that they both provide solutions for problems involving pests, there are significant differences between the two that are worth keeping in mind.

Read on to find out how pest control differs substantially from pest management.

What is pest control?

Pest control is considered a reactive approach that seeks to reduce or eliminate the presence of pests in an area by using a pesticide or other chemicals. The first thing that pest control specialists do is identify the source and severity of the pest infestation and find out where the pests are breeding and thriving.

These specialists will visit the spot, determine the type of species present, and come up with an analysis as to how the identified species entered the site. Aside from using relevant pesticides to kill the pests, pest control providers will also seal off entry points to avoid further entry.

Usually, before performing pest control, providers will give suggestions on the services available for your specific pest problem. Once you have decided on a viable treatment plan, the pest control professional will start treating the affected areas of your home or office to eradicate existing issues involving pests. 

What is pest management?

In contrast to pest control, pest management follows a more proactive approach to solving pest problems. This means that pest management does not focus primarily on eliminating pests but on avoiding pest infestation instead.

This service is considered by many as an effective, economical, and environmentally friendly solution because, rather than taking action after pests have already done tremendous damage, pest management deters pests from invading your space. In a pest management process, the initial step that specialists take is to identify the factors that may lead to future pest infestations. They will conduct a regular and scheduled inspection of your house or office and give you pieces of advice as to how you can maintain a pest-free environment. This includes recommending lifestyle changes, such as cleaning surfaces and removing open food sources, as well as applying chemical or natural solutions as an extra preventive measure.

The major difference between them

The significant difference between pest control and pest management services lies in the approach they use and the main objective they seek to attain. As mentioned earlier, pest control is a reactive approach that aims to reduce or kill existing pests by using chemicals like pesticides.

On the other hand, pest management is a proactive solution whose main goal is to prevent pests from infesting your place through regular inspection and maintenance. In this sense, pest management can be considered an ongoing solution to avoid pest problems before they occur, as opposed to pest control, which is usually a one-time treatment.

To put it simply, while pest control eliminates a pest infestation after it has already occurred, pest management merely aims to limit the survival and reproduction of possible pests by getting rid of their sources of food, water, and shelter.


Ultimately, while both pest control and pest management services aim to solve pest problems at home, in the office, and elsewhere, they are significantly distinguishable, especially in terms of their main purpose. The primary objective of pest control is to eliminate pests, whereas pest management seeks to prevent future infestation. By knowing this difference, you can have a better understanding of what solution is suitable for your needs.

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