Deterring Mosquitoes: 5 Ways To Prevent From Getting Bit

May 24, 2022
Deterring Mosquitoes: 5 Ways To Prevent From Getting Bit

Mosquitoes are pests that virtually exist everywhere people live. Due to the abundance of food left over by the human lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that they will continuously bug people wherever they may be. While getting bit by one is just a nuisance at best, their propensity to carry and spread diseases means one could become very ill in the worst-case scenario. As such, it is important not to brush off getting bitten as being completely harmless and take measures to deter it at home and when out and about. Apart from calling in pest control in Singapore, here are some of the ways to keep them at bay and ensure you and your family’s safety.

1. Remove standing water

Leftover standing water serves not just as a water source for mosquitoes but is also their natural breeding ground. Still water serves as the perfect place for them to lay their eggs, and once their offspring are fully mature, it is likely that you will face a mosquito infestation. As such, make it a habit to dispose of unused water and look for areas where water could get caught after it rains and clear them as well. By eliminating the places where they reproduce, you can significantly prevent them from becoming a bigger problem.

2. Close off entryways with mosquito nets

Unless electricity bills are a non-issue, it is more economical to open up the windows and let natural ventilation cool down the inside of a household. However, doing so also poses the risk of inviting houseflies and other pests into your home. Thankfully, there is a simple solution that eliminates this downside - mosquito nets. With these screens installed on doors and windows, the chances of mosquitoes getting in can be dramatically reduced, all while still letting the breeze in.

3. Wear the right clothes

Many might not know that getting mosquito bites is directly linked to one’s clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to specific colours, primarily dark and bold ones such as red, navy blue, and black. It is recommended to go for outfits that have lighter or neutral colours to avoid standing out as much and catching their attention. In addition, consider choosing thicker garments and those that have more surface coverage, such as long sleeves and pants, to get better protection against mosquito bites.

4. Put on mosquito repellent products

It is always recommended to put on mosquito repellent to have an extra layer of deterrence when going outside. For safety’s sake, it is best to consult a doctor first since such products may not be suited for people with sensitive skin and certain demographics such as children and pregnant women.

5. Make yourself less appealing

Aside from colour, there are many other reasons why some people may seem to be mosquito magnets. One of these reasons is carbon dioxide. Being active means your body produces more carbon dioxide, making you a much more attractive target for mosquitoes. Aside from being active, people who are generally bigger in size are also likely to attract the attention of such pests due to the same reason – aside from the heat and sweat factors. In essence, those who are exercising and have elevated their body temperature as well as are sweating will more likely suffer from mosquito bites.


When dealing with mosquitoes, it is essential to keep in mind that they are only a nuisance at best and can do a lot more harm at worst. Besides these tips, keeping your home clean is another requirement for keeping mosquitoes and other harmful pests at bay.

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