Common Culprits In A Home That Leads To A Rodent Infestation

February 23, 2022

Common Culprits In A Home That Leads To A Rodent Infestation

As a homeowner, it is normal to have nothing but the best intentions for the house; which is why it is understandable that a pest infestation is considered one of the worst things that can happen to the home.

Rodents are the most destructive vertebrates to human property. Their gnawing can cause severe damage to any household item. Furthermore, they are responsible for many human diseases such as rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, plague, and salmonellosis.

To avoid these pests from adapting to your home, here are four culprits of a rodent infestation that you should take note of:


It is no secret that rats and mice are forages – whether it is cooked or uncooked food, they will help themselves to anything edible that they have access to. As a homeowner, you probably have food items stored in your pantry; bags of chips, canned goods, condiments, spices, and more. Chances are, these foods emit a particular smell that, while you might not be able to pick up on, rats can. To ensure rodents refrain from your food stash, it would be best to secure and seal the food tightly. This way, rats and mice would not be able to get a sniff out of them.


Aside from food, rats and mice can constantly gnaw on items such as machinery parts, wires, and even cables. This would explain why you might often see them rummaging through piles of garbage – if these rats and mice don’t have access to food in the house, they may settle with crumbs you might have missed in the crevices of your kitchen while cleaning or even household items in other unclean and cluttered areas.

To avoid rats and mice from being in your home, it would be good to make it a habit to clean your kitchen and all areas of your house thoroughly. Additionally, you can consider taking out your garbage daily as these pests are also attracted to garbage.

Pet waste

Believe it or not, rats and mice could eat just about anything – including pet waste. More often than not, animals’ waste contains traces of food and organic materials that attract these creatures. Hence, if you own a pet animal, be it a dog or cat, you are likely to have a litter box or a specific area in which they can release their waste. If so, it is highly recommended that you clear them out regularly.

Unsealed pipe openings

Most do not know this, but rats are excellent swimmers. In fact, studies show that they can hold their breath for up to three minutes at a time. This means that they are more than capable of finding their way into your home through a series of pipelines.

To prevent them from entering through your sink, you might want to install a filter that can seal these passageways and hinder them from having access to your home.


As rats and mice are known to pose health risks and compromise the state of your house, it would be best to ensure they do not infiltrate the place you call home. However, suppose you notice signs of a rat infestation such as droppings and rub marks on the wall. In that case, it is advisable to call a pest control company that can handle the situation for you effectively.

If you’re looking for a company that can help you eradicate pests from your home, be it rodents, termites, mosquitoes, or more, get in touch with us here at PestClinic. We are an established pest control company in Singapore providing a comprehensive range of solutions to a wide variety of pests. Call us today at +65 6397 5677 to learn more.

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!