Cockroach Control: Why They Are So Difficult To Get Rid Of

April 5, 2022
Cockroach Control: Why They Are So Difficult To Get Rid Of

Getting rid of household pests is never simple, and it requires plenty of planning and knowledge of the pest to be eliminated. When it comes to pest removal, few are as challenging to wipe out as the common household cockroach. The reason for this is simple: roaches are inherently genetically programmed for survival. Their gene code provides them with different detoxifying enzymes that allow them to withstand toxic environments and substances, including the insecticide products readily available today. Besides this ability, let us share a few more facts about cockroaches that explains why they are incredibly challenging to kill.

Cockroaches have strong exoskeletons

When squashing a fly, bug, or any other insect with your shoes, it is fair to assume that the bug in question is not capable of surviving such pressure. However, this is not the case with cockroaches. Due to their tough exoskeletons that can stretch under pressure, roaches can shake off the shock of a forceful impact and scamper away even after stomping on them. Moreover, their flexible membranes allow them to squeeze through cracks and crevices with ease, making it more difficult to find and kill them in the first place.

Cockroaches are natural-born survival experts

Bugs that can live for long periods without food or water are no longer uncommon these days, but roaches take that a step further. Surprisingly, these pests can go on for a week without water and a month without food. What this means for homeowners is that cleaning up areas with high food traffic like the kitchen and sealing off water sources will not be as effective at reducing their population. On top of that, roaches can eat other things that humans would never consider as food, such as cardboard boxes, fingernail clippings, and book bindings, to name a few.

Cockroaches lack any natural predators

Many pests and insects have natural predators that aid in controlling or reducing their population. One such example is the prey-predator relationship between flies, mosquitoes, and spiders. Households that keep spiders around experience much less trouble with flies buzzing about since they are constantly kept in check by their natural predators. Meanwhile, cockroaches have no such predators. The lack of predators means homeowners cannot leave it up to nature to sort out their growing population and must take it upon themselves to remove and prevent cockroaches from their homes.

Cockroaches have developed a strong resistance against insecticides

As mentioned earlier, roaches have an innate ability to survive in toxic environments and take lethal substances like insecticides head-on. Some species of cockroaches have even developed a robust resistance to various off-the-shelf ‘roach killer’ insecticides, meaning it will require more effort to find a suitable insecticide appropriate for the cockroach species in your home.


Cockroaches are pests unlike any other due to their increased survivability against adverse conditions and threats. In addition to that, their lack of natural predators means it becomes much more difficult to control or outright eliminate their population from households without the help of pest control in Singapore.

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