Bees 101: Signs Of infestation You’ll Want To Look Out For

May 6, 2021

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It takes more than soil, water and sunshine to make the world green. In order for flora and fauna to thrive, cross-pollination needs to happen – but this important process can’t happen without the help of our important pollinators, one of them being bees! They are key to maintaining our natural biodiversity, but once they enter the home, they stop becoming nature’s little helpers but quickly become invaders.

Bees tend to have a bad reputation, and it’s easy to simply bury your head in the sand and hope it solves itself somehow – but this will only make it worse. With the queen bee continuously reproducing 2,000 eggs in one day, you’ll end up with a swarm of bees that will take over your home. Before your home gets taken over, it’s crucial that you get it taken care of as fast as possible. We’ve managed to gather a list of different signs that point to a bee infestation.

Signs of a bee infestation

Whilst we are generally used to the bumblebee, there are various of different types of bees. In Singapore, in particular, there are 4 types: the stingless be (Trigona), Dward Honey Bee (Apis andreniformis), Asian Honey Bee (Apis cerana) and the Giant Honey Bee (Apis dorsata).

Regardless of the type of bees that are in your home, here are the possible signs to look out for.

1. An excessive number of bees

The most apparent sign of a bee infestation has to be a large number of bees in your home. On top of being a highly stressful situation, it can easily develop into an unhygienic one as bees. If you can’t seem to rid them no matter how hard you try, chances are, you have a bee colony in your house.

2. Active nest

If you’ve spotted an active bee’s nest, then it’s safe to assume that there is a bee infestation in your home. You may find them in trees, your garage or even hidden in wall voids. If you suspect that there might be a bee colony but can’t find its nest, then take notice of the thoroughfare for the bees that are flying in your home. Do they crowd to one specific spot of the home or are they laden with pollen? This will give you hints as to where the nest might be.

3. Walls or ceilings with dark patches

If your walls or ceilings carry dark patches, this might be a clear sign that there might be a bee infestation. This is simply due to the honey that they produce. This, coupled with large numbers of bees in your home, is a clear indicator of an infestation.

Reasons to remove them

Whilst the general advice is to simply leave them alone as they are an endangered species, you’ll want to remove them from your home, especially if there is somebody within your household that is allergic to bee stings. Moreover, if an allergy is not treated in time, one may go into an anaphylactic shock.

Despite their notorious reputation, bees are not aggressive insects. As with many other animals and insects, they are simply protective of their home and their queen. As such, frantically swatting them may cause them to become distraught and agitated, leading them to sting you even more. If a bee feels particularly threatened, it will release a specific pheromone that will signal other bees to protect it.

Instead of putting yourself in greater danger, the best course of action is to have somebody experienced to handle the situation; in other words, pest control companies. They are experts at dealing with infestations of any kind, and have the necessary tools and technical knowledge on how to rid the bees in a safe manner.

At PestClinic, we take pride in our extensive range of pest control services. On top of bee control, we have others such as mosquito, termite and cockroach pest control. Should you ever need help reclaiming back your home from these insects, give us a call!

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!