Bed Bug Infestation Aftermath: How To Kill Eggs Left Behind

January 24, 2024
Bed Bug Infestation Aftermath: How To Kill Eggs Left Behind

Bed bug infestations are on the rise, as evidenced by the pest panic during the most recent Paris Fashion Week, where countless photos and videos showing these pests all over the city spread like wildfire online. While it may seem like these widespread outbreaks have only gone up recently, the truth is that the bed bug resurgence has been happening for nearly two decades now. The main reason why the issue has mostly been kept under wraps is because most cases go unreported out of fear by both landlords and tenants alike. If you are among those who have unfortunately had a run-in with bed bugs in your home, it is vital to know that removing an infestation does not stop with just killing the ones hiding in the nooks and crannies all over your residence; finding and destroying the eggs they leave behind is also crucial to prevent the problem from recurring. In this article, we go over the whats and hows of undertaking this essential last step to ensure your residence becomes fully bed bug-free.

Where to look for bed bug eggs

Female bed bugs can lay up to five hundred eggs in their lifetime, with each egg typically hatching within six to ten days and the warmer the environment, the sooner this occurs. Although an immature bed bug takes a month to turn into an adult, it can immediately feed on a blood source. Upon reaching maturity, it contributes to its species’ reproduction, and the cycle continues.

Since bed bugs tend to lay their eggs in areas where they will not be disturbed, it may prove difficult to find them without a thorough search. Hence, even if they are not immediately visible, that does not mean they are not there. When starting your search, prioritise dark, enclosed spaces and areas out of human sight, such as inside your mattress, suitcases, furniture, and even crevices around your bedroom. On the off chance that you see eggs out in the open, that indicates your bed bug problem is now so severe that it warrants immediate intervention by pest control services.

How to identify bed bug eggs

Bed bug eggs are easy to identify and are often described to resemble miniature grains of white rice that look slightly transparent. A single egg is so tiny that you might not see it save for when it’s under a magnifying glass, but since they are generally laid in groups, it becomes easier to spot them by eye.

Besides the eggs themselves, you may also encounter eggshells that indicate that new bed bugs have already hatched and are crawling about in your home. Since they disintegrate quickly due to their extremely small size, spotting one is a sign that the bed bugs within have likely hatched recently.

How to kill bed bug eggs

Once you discover bed bugs and their eggs in your home, the first and most important step is to clean out the spot where you found them. Give the room a scrub down and vacuuming for good measure, and remove the vacuum bags from the house afterwards lest the captured bed bugs escape and the problem starts all over again.

At the same time, gather up all the fabrics that may be nearby, such as curtains, rugs, clothing, and so on and put them in the wash, followed by at least half an hour in the dryer on the highest heat setting. It may be necessary to do this more than once, but it is a highly effective way of killing any bed bugs and eggs that may be hiding on those items.

Should you find eggs in places that you cannot wash or vacuum, there are some things you can try, but be warned that they may not be very effective. For instance, you can use a stiff brush to damage the eggs’ surface, ultimately destroying them and the bed bugs within. However, this approach may lead you to miss some eggs hiding deeper within the crevice.


Rooting out and eliminating the bed bugs hiding in your home is only the first part of dealing with an infestation. To ensure that they don’t come back ever again, it is essential to also exterminate all the eggs they may have laid during their unwelcome stay. Hopefully, the contents above prove helpful in your search, but if you ever find that the situation is beyond your control, PestClinic is always here to help. As the leading provider of residential, industrial, and commercial pest control services in Singapore, our decorated track record guarantees that we can handle any infestation problem you may face. To learn more about our services and approach to pest extermination, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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