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What You Should Do When You Discover An Ant Infestation

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Ants are social creatures. This means when one manages to infiltrate your home, you can expect more may follow. They usually enter a place looking for food, and what is a better food source than a home?

Finding an ant infestation in your house can be a real headache. As such, it is essential to know the tell-tale signs of an ant nest building and how you can get rid of it. Let us explore what these signs are and the various solutions available to you.

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Termite Control – How To Identify And Remove An Infestation

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More than just regular insects, termites are insidious pests that cause severe nuisance to every home and office they reside in. Notoriously known for their ability to destroy, these insects feed on wood, dead material and decaying plants to get their cellulose and nutrients. On top of causing severe structural damage to any residential or commercial building, their numbers can go out of control if not managed. Depending on the species, a single female termite can produce up to 30 to 70 offsprings yearly. They can quickly infest an entire home in no time, which is why it is vital to know how to identify and remove a termite infestation. Let us explore the common types of termites found in Singapore and the practical solutions available to you to prevent an infestation.

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3 Practical Tips To Eliminate Bed Bugs From Your Bedroom

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After a stressful day at work, most of us are hoping to retreat to the comfort of their bedroom for a well-deserved rest. However, a good night’s sleep can be interrupted by unexpected and unwelcomed guests: beg bugs. These parasitic insects are commonly found hiding in mattresses, bed frames and headboards where they can easily prey on their unfortunate victims.

If you find your bedroom infested with bed bugs, you will likely be in for countless sleepless nights. Bed bugs feed on blood, and their bites leave you with itchy welts on your exposed skins that can last for one to two weeks! Despite their tiny size (8-10mm), they can cause allergic reactions and even infections.

As such, should you ever encounter a bed bug issue, consider eliminating them as quickly as possible. Let us explore 3 practical tips you can utilise to keep your room bed bug-free.

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Pest Control In Singapore

When pests have infiltrated your safe haven, the idea of living a peaceful and harmonious life is nearly impossible. Apart from being an eyesore, pests such as cockroaches, ants, beetles and termites bring about undesirable and harmful outcomes to both your health and your home.

In order to safeguard both your physical health and peace of mind, getting rid of these pests is a must. If you’re not sure how to tackle these pesky pests, we’re here to equip you with the knowledge you need so that you can finally bid them goodbye!

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Importance of Hiring Pest Control Experts For Your Home

The attack of an insurmountable enemy like pests can be indeed unbearable, and if the situation is left unattended, this can result in detrimental effects to both your health and property. Managing and exterminating such pests without any prior experience or technical know-how on how to do so may render your efforts moot – or even worse, have an even more adverse effect.

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5 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Rid Ants From Your Home

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. If you found one single ant in your home, chances are, there is probably thousands more. Once an infestation set in, killing these ants will be an overwhelming, challenging task not only due to their sheer numbers, but also their survival skills. When disturbed, these ants will quickly relocate to a safer place, leaving their old nest behind. As such, one needs to approach the issue with proper and effective ants pest control methods, lest it gets out of control.

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Rats: All You Need To Know About Those Pesky Pests

Rats, which are broadly categorised as rodents, are pests that are becoming more prevalent because of their rapid growth. One unique fact about rats is that their front incisor teeth never stop growing. To adapt to their always-growing front two teeth, they are constantly chewing and gnawing on items near them to wear down their teeth. If they do not gnaw on things continuously, their front incisors will overgrow, making it impossible for the rat to close its mouth or eat. This could eventually leads to the rat’s death.

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Recommended Ways To Identify And Treat Bed Bug Bites

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It is a commonly known fact that bedbugs are pests that are annoying and troublesome to deal with. Apart from the itchiness, the bites from bedbugs are generally harmless. Since bedbugs feed on blood, many have the concern that bedbugs may host diseases and spread it from human to human. Fortunately, this claim has been disproven by many studies.

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