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More About PestClinic

PestClinic is a locally established pest control company that provides pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. With over 30 years of experience & expertise combined, we are committed to provide safe and effective pest control services for our customers.

At PestClinic, we practice and incorporate traditional methods with new technology to ensure pests are wiped out swiftly. Our team is made up of a group of NEA certified specialists who are trained to provide safe, efficient and mess-free solutions. At PestClinic, No Pest; No stress.

PestClinic is also featured as one of the best Pest Control Companies in Singapore.

Our Mission

PestClinic exists to provide a pest free environment. At PestClinic, No Pest; No Stress.

We take pride in offering our excellent service to all our customers, ensuring all PestClinic specialists are professionally trained in meeting our quality & stringent standards.

We take pride of our excellent response time to our precious clientele. At PestClinic, we ensure pest problems are treated in a fast and safe manner.

Our Philosophy

At PestClinic, providing solutions that last is ingrained in all of us. Pest control does not stop at eliminating current threats, we deal with the root cause to ensure the unwanted guests do not return. At PestClinic, No Pest; No Stress.

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