5 Spots Around Your Home Where Mosquitoes Commonly Breed

December 20, 2022
5 Spots Around Your Home Where Mosquitoes Commonly Breed

Mosquitoes are one of the most persistent and troublesome menaces that can attack your home, especially during the monsoon season. They can breed inside your house and bring a variety of problems, including serious health risks. The most common mosquito-borne diseases that the bite of pesky mosquitoes can spread include dengue, malaria, and the Zika virus.

Fortunately, there are several companies in Singapore that provide effective pest control services for households that are being severely affected by these tiny insects. There are also some proactive measures that you can take to prevent your home from turning into a mosquito nest.

To help you get rid of these tiny bloodsuckers, here are five of the most common places around your house where mosquitoes may likely breed;

1. Clogged gutters

If you live on a landed property, gutters are no stranger. Gutters are necessary for discarding excess and dirty water from your house and its surroundings. However, they can also be the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes, especially if the water in them is not properly drained. Clogged gutters are among the mosquitoes’ favourite places to hide out and breed.

To avoid turning your gutters into a breeding site for these tiny insects, regularly check them for any debris or clutter that can block the drains and cause stagnation of the water flow. Moreover, make it a habit to routinely clean your gutters to prevent trash and water accumulation.

2. Water buckets or drums

Mosquitoes thrive in wet and damp places. As such, it is not surprising to know that they love being around water buckets and drums. These water buckets or drums are usually utilised to store water for gardening or cleaning purposes, often seen on the first floor level of HDB flats. While they provide a great sense of convenience, they can also cause the propagation of a great number of mosquitoes.

Therefore, to minimise or eliminate the prevalence of mosquitoes around your home, regularly empty your buckets and overturn your drums to clear out any accumulation of water in them.

3. Garbage bins

Garbage bins can be home to various kinds of pests, including mosquitoes. Since these bins seldom have lids, they can transform into catch basins for rainwater, especially when they are placed outdoors. With the accumulation of rainwater, you can expect many mosquitoes to thrive in just a few days.

To prevent this, habitually flip your garbage bins from time to time and clean them, especially after heavy rains. If your garbage bins are equipped with lids, seal them tightly and close them at all times.

4. Flower pots

The primary purpose of flower pots is to carry soil and support plants. However, many people do not know that these valuable saucers can also be a nurturing ground for pesky mosquitoes, which usually damage plants and the soil. According to research, mosquitoes can breed in as little as half an inch of water, and flower pots can gather such a small amount.

Always check the saucers for excess water when watering your plants and flowers. Although flower pots typically have a draining system, the rise of water in them provides a warning sign of either overwatering or drainage malfunction. When this happens, it is best to have your pots fixed or replaced immediately.

5. Toilets

Toilets are ordinarily used for washing and bathing. Hence, these areas are usually humid and moist. As they hold water most of the time, they can also foster a home where mosquitoes can easily reproduce. Your toilet’s wet and damp environment can be the perfect environment for these bloodsuckers.

To ensure your toilet is free from the inconvenience and harm of mosquitoes, never leave or store water in your toilet’s buckets for days. Allow these rooms to breathe by opening their doors and windows when not in use. In addition, avoid hanging or drying wet clothes inside them for long periods since they can attract small insects.


By ensuring that no area inside or around your house serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, you are protecting yourself, your family members, and even the entire neighbourhood from the possibility of acquiring any mosquito-borne diseases. Clearing and cleaning these susceptible spots in and around your home, especially during the current monsoon season, can give you the assurance of long-term health and environmental benefits for everyone.

If your mosquito problem persists despite doing everything you can, you should consider seeking the help of a pest control professional. At PestClinic, we provide premium-quality pest control solutions in Singapore for any pest problem, such as mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, rodents, and many more. To achieve a pest-free home, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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