5 Scary Ways Pests Can Damage Your Roof And Cost You Money

October 26, 2022
5 Scary Ways Pests Can Damage Your Roof And Cost You Money

In Singapore, living on the landed property has its own set of pros and cons. On the one hand, the privacy and peace you get to enjoy beats having to listen to your neighbour’s children running around above your HDB flat. On the other hand, dealing with mosquitoes and other pests only means having to factor into your monthly outgoings regular pest control to keep the critters out.

Yes, pests living under your roof can cause all kinds of damages that can eventually require you to repair or replace the entire roof of your house to keep your family safe and protected. Here, the cost of having your roof repaired or replaced can run up to S$150 to S$250 per labourer per day – and that’s for labour alone. As for the roofing materials, it can be around S$50 to S$90 per square metre. If you’re going to replace the entire roof, you can expect to shell out anywhere from S$5,000 to S$12,000, depending on the size of your house. Those figures alone will tell you that repairing or replacing your roof can cost you a substantial amount of money nowadays. This is why it’s important to always check for any signs of damage on your roof, especially when it comes to pest infestation.

In this article, we share some scary ways pests can damage your roof over time;

Bird droppings can rot your roof over time

If your area has a lot of bird species, such as the Javan mynah, pink-necked green pigeon, or the common pigeon, you can expect to find a lot of droppings on your roof. And due to their diet, their faeces can have acid in them. This can eat away at your roof, causing leaks and disintegration to take place. As such, this is why you should have your roof inspected and cleaned regularly.

Bats carry diseases

While bats aren’t usually scary in small numbers, they can be a problem once the colony grows. This is because bat waste carries a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatum, which becomes airborne and can travel into your home. When inhaled, this fungus can cause a life-threatening lung infection called histoplasmosis. Aside from that, bats are carriers of rabies, which can cause harm to humans and pets when bitten. Thus, it’s best to call on professional pest control in Singapore to help you get rid of bats inside your home and on your rooftop.

Termites destroy the structural integrity 

No other insect can damage your home’s structural integrity more than termites. These creepy crawlers love to snack on wood, causing significant damage to your roof decking, trusses, and rafters. If left unchecked for a long time, you will most likely need to replace your entire roof to get rid of the problem. Hence, it is imperative that you engage in a termite inspection in Singapore should you suspect their presence.

Rats can start a fire

When there is a rodent infestation on your roof, they can create holes, leaving your home susceptible to the elements. What’s worse is that they can gnaw on electrical wirings, damaging your electrical system or, in a worst-case scenario, starting a fire. To prevent this, it would be best to ensure that there are no holes or cracks in your roof.

Bees destroy roof shingles

Bee stings can be quite painful, and they pose an annoyance. Additionally, they can cause damage to your roof shingles – these black and yellow pests will stop at nothing to get on your roof. This can result in hollowed sections on your roof or, worse, cause structural damage since their honeycombs are incredibly heavy.


To get rid of any pests successfully and keep them from returning, it would be best to regularly engage in professional pest control services. This ensures that the job will be done as efficiently and effectively as possible. At PestClinic, we provide expert termite control in Singapore, alongside other types of pests, to help you keep your home safe and clean at all times. Contact us today for more information about our services.

Professional Pest Control Services

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!