5 Most Common Public Places Where You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

May 18, 2022
5 Most Common Public Places Where You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have made a resurgence in many areas of the world in the last decade or so, resulting in infestations that swiftly spread throughout the home. They may cross enormous distances by latching from host to host until they locate a suitable habitat to reside in due to their tiny size and rapid mobility. In many instances, the average person may accidentally pick them up by simply going anywhere consisting of many people, such as visiting a public venue or staying at lodgings frequented by various guests. If anything, it only proves that they are easier to be picked up than to be kept at bay.

Thus, if you do not wish to have a bed bug infestation in your household, it would be best to thoroughly inspect yourself and your loved ones after visiting the following public areas;

1. Hotel rooms

It is a given that a spotless hotel room can still harbour bed bugs. These bugs are not drawn to dirt, after all. Instead, they are attracted to carbon dioxide, blood, and warmth – things that can be found anywhere one sleeps.

Hence, before you start lying down on the bed in a hotel room right after checking in, it would be wise to examine each hotel room for bed bugs thoroughly; even before bringing your items inside. Otherwise, the chances are that they may latch onto your belongings and accompany you home.

2. Movie theatres

With theatres seeing constant traffic day in and day out, it is no surprise that bed bugs would use them as checkpoints towards their final destination: a comfortable home of the unlucky individual. These pesky bugs are likely in cinemas due to other patrons typically bringing these pests from either their infested homes or elsewhere they visit before going to said cinemas.

In the dark hall and cosy seats used by countless other guests before lies bed bugs that can potentially hide in your garments and pockets – going unnoticed as you focus solely on the movie.

3. Educational institutions

Apart from knowledge, bed bugs are possibly another thing children can unwittingly share with their friends and classmates at school. With students coming to school from all sorts of places and hanging out or playing just about anywhere during breaks, it is easy for bed bugs to cling onto them and inadvertently introduce an infestation at school and, at worst, their homes.

4. Shopping malls

Retail therapy is something that most individuals love to do nowadays. However, as you visit one store to the next, followed by sitting down for lunch, and afterwards going about the rest of your day, you rarely ever think about the hundreds and thousands of people that have come and gone to the places you have visited and rested at in a span of a week. Picking up a bed bug in a fitting room or a random bench is not unheard of. After all, it only takes a few moments for these pests to find their way into the cuff of your pant leg or in your bag, and you may soon find them unexpectedly proliferating within your home.

5. Public transport

A quick ride on the bus could bring unforeseen trouble as you are likely to find bed bugs in the seat you are sitting on. A previous passenger may have carried over one or two of them from elsewhere, and now these bed bugs wait for the next person to latch onto. Alternatively, one could also jump from the individual sitting next to you as you squeeze closer from the lack of space in a crowded bus or train. In any case, a simple bus ride home could, unfortunately, lead to months of bed bug problems if you are not careful enough.


Although small and seemingly harmless, bed bugs certainly pose several health dangers to us, humans. Therefore, it pays to be wary of these pests whenever going out in public and take care not to give them a free pass into your home.

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