5 Effective Ways to Keep Pesky Ants from Invading Your Home

September 10, 2021

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Ants are some of the most common insects you’ll find at home. It’s normal for these tiny creatures to inhabit your house because they usually come indoors in search of food or nesting habitat. Although ants are unlikely to cause grievous harm to humans, having them around at home can cause more harm than good. For one, ants can pose serious health hazards by spreading bacteria and diseases like smallpox and dysentery.

If you find an excessive number of ants infesting your home, you must take action to get rid of them immediately. Listed below are some tried and tested solutions that you can use to prevent ants from invading your home.

1. Try using natural insect repellent

There are several kinds of ant killers you can buy in the supermarket or elsewhere. However, most of these solutions are filled with poisons and toxins that you’ll most likely find uncomfortable using. Alternatively, opt for a natural insect repellent instead.

Even though it sounds unbelievable at first, several food products have already been proven effective in driving ants away. Most of these products have strong scents that ants hate, such as peppermint, cinnamon, cayenne peppers, and black pepper. These insects are also not fans of the pungent aroma of coffee grounds, so placing them in areas of the house where ants are commonly found is a great starting point.

2. Adopt a proper food storage system

Ants usually live near food sources because they provide the necessities to sustain their colony. If you have a poor food storage system at home, then you’re at higher risk of experiencing an ant infestation. To prevent ants from residing in your house and coming near your pantry, make sure to follow the proper guidelines when it comes to food storage.

For dry goods like sugar and flour, they should be stored in clean, airtight jars or containers. Because some ants prefer dead or decaying sources of protein, having spoiled food around can make your ant problem worse. To be safe, always eat your ready-to-eat foods or takeaways as quickly as possible and make sure to throw away all food waste immediately.

3. Reduce clutter and keep your house clean

Cleanliness is crucial for the prevention and control of any pest. If your house is full of careless crumbs lying around, it’s not anymore surprising to know that ants love storming your space. Apart from food crumbs, clutters and clothes strewn on the floor are also invitations for ants to invade your home.

These insects love to build their nests in dark and damp places. Therefore, the best way to drive ants off is to reduce your clutter and keep your place clean and dry all the time. You should also refrain from having dirty laundry and food boxes lying carelessly around your home. Ultimately, sanitation is your best weapon against pests.

4. Seal all possible entry points

Cleaning the inside of your house is only one part of the process – to keep these pesky insects at bay, you also need to make sure that ants are not able to get indoors. Hence, it’s important that you seal all their possible entry points in your home. You can quickly figure out their favourite entry points by following them back to their nest when they appear in your sight and use an effective sealant or caulk to close them. Some of the most important areas you shouldn’t miss are wall cracks, windowsills, and doorframes.

5. Call the professionals for help

Ants commonly strive in large colonies, so controlling and eliminating them might be a difficult task to pull off by yourself. If you’re having a serious ant infestation at home and you have no idea how to get rid of them completely, calling a professional is the only effective option you have.

Engaging experts that offer ant pest control services is the wisest thing that you can do to avoid ants from further invading your house. Armed with the technical knowledge and tools for dealing with ant infestations, they can ensure that the root cause is addressed for effective elimination.


Because ants often come in large numbers, they are not the easiest pests to get rid of. If you are noticing a large number of live ants, nest sites or ant pathways in your home, chances are, you are facing an ant infestation. Consider using the tips mentioned in this article to help eliminate your house’s unwanted tenants.

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!