5 Common Things At Home That Termites Can Destroy Easily

November 28, 2022
5 Common Things At Home That Termites Can Destroy Easily

Services for pest control in Singapore likely get more complaints about termite infestation compared to any other type of household pests. Having a termite infestation at home can be quite alarming, considering that these pesky insects can easily destroy many important things around your house.

Termites are capable of destroying more than you think. Hence, preventing these pests from entering your house as much as possible is crucial. If a hungry termite comes across your belongings, the chances are that you can bid your farewell to that item in just a few days or even hours. In this article, we share five of the most common household items that termites can effortlessly destroy.

1. Wood 

Wood is the most common material that termites love to consume. This insect’s diet includes cellulose, an organic fibre abundant in wood. When digested, cellulose serves as the primary source of nutrients that termites need to survive. Keep in mind that the consumption of wood by termites can get very destructive, especially when they decide to feast on the wooden material that makes up your furniture’s structural integrity.

2. Cardboard

Termites usually attack cardboard items as subtly as they can. They have a tendency to invade homes where there are a lot of items made from cardboard. If you have cardboard items at home, these pests can damage them without you noticing. Even the things stored in cardboard boxes can be significantly damaged by hungry termites.

3. Paper 

Termites love feasting on books and documents. As such, keeping these paper items in a facility or storage area infiltrated by termites is bound to end terribly. Even worse, if these termites find your money box, all your hard-earned bills would likely be reduced to just tiny bits of paper. Like wood, paper contains cellulose that termites break down into digestible components in order to obtain life-sustaining nutrients and energy.

4. Cotton

Cotton is another material that contains cellulose, the favourite fibre of termites. Hence, these insects can get easily attracted to your clothes and linens that are made from cotton. Unfortunately, termites will not be reluctant to come in contact with your clothes – they will chew on every final bit of your favourite cotton shirt or dress until it is damaged enough to turn into a mop. When these insects have found their way to your cotton clothes, it is highly likely that they have also feasted on many other items in your house.

5. Plants 

Your potted plants can fall victim to termites. These pests usually seek out potted plants for the moisture that they have. Sometimes, termites can also feed on plant roots, which can attack various plants. Thus, it is essential to carefully consider where you place your potted plants. As much as possible, move your plants away from any area infested with termites. These pests can particularly take up residence in fibre or wooden plants.


Having termites in your house is undoubtedly a big inconvenience. Apart from their pesky infestations, these tiny pests can destroy many valuable things in your home and force you to spend a tremendous amount of money on replacing them. To avoid the inconvenience and costs that come with having termites in your house, it is necessary to contact a service provider for termite control in Singapore at the first sign of infestation. However, don’t forget to have your home prepared for pest control services prior to their arrival for smooth termite elimination!

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