4 Things That Could Lead To A Potential Lizard Infestation

July 23, 2021

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Lizards are one of the most common pests that we see in our homes. While they are mostly harmless as they don’t carry contagious diseases, the central problem homeowners have with lizards is that they defecate on almost all surfaces and can be bothersome to deal with.

Here are some reasons why they might be attracted to your home and what you can do to prevent them from making your home theirs.

Small insects

When it comes to finding a home, the lizard’s first order of business would be whether the house has its favourite foods: insects. Common prey to the lizard includes spiders, snails and ants. If you find these in your place, you will likely attract lizards coming into your home.

House lizards are usually attracted to insects that are smaller relative to their size. They might even consume insects that carry harmful diseases, making them carriers of such viruses or bacteria later on.

Airborne insects

Aside from insects that prefer land, lizards also like to prey on insects that fly, including mosquitoes, flies and even winged termites. As lizards can scale walls, the height is not an issue when it comes to getting dinner.

Even though getting rid of such pests via lizards may sound like a good idea, it can bring complications. As flying insects tend to gather at light sources, if lizards prey on them there, this can tamper with your electrical wiring. They also tend to drop their faeces especially when they are crawling on your ceilings.

Fruits and plants

Lizards, being omnivores, are not limited to just consuming insects but also fruits and plants as substitutes.

Plant eating lizards may be bothersome for homeowners with gardens, especially so if they breed and start to consume all your precious garden plants. To protect your garden, you could try to reduce the number of insects in the surrounding area.

Did you know that it might be harmful to eat fruit that a lizard could have nibbled on before? Lizards carry harmful bacteria on their skin and could give us food poisoning if transferred to the fruit. Hence, it might be safest to keep your fruits stored in the fridge to prevent contamination and keeping them away in the first place.


Lizards are considered part of the reptilian family. Reptiles are known to have at least two-thirds of their body weight attributable to water. Lizards may even have more, and they cannot live without available water sources. Thus, a house with ample stagnant water, insects, and fruit is a paradise for them.

To avoid the dreadful situation with lizards crawling all over, fix up any leaking pipes and wipe up water spills. Keeping the surfaces of your homes dry is not just preventive of slips and falls, but also lizards as well.


Lizards are frequently sighted unwanted guests in our homes. From the above, we can tell the most basic solution to prevent a lizard infestation seems to be getting rid of insects – land or flying once and for all. You can do so via effective pest control methods. In addition, keeping your homes clean and not having any potential food sources lying around could also prevent them from being attracted to your homes.

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!