4 Causes That Could Lead To An Ant Infestation In Your Home

December 3, 2021

4 Causes That Could Lead To An Ant Infestation In Your Home

Pest infestations are issues that no homeowner would ever want to have in their residence. However, no matter how much spick-and-span one’s home may be, the chances of unwelcome critters finding their way inside will always remain.

One of the more common pests that will inevitably find their way into your home is ants. Although small in size, their numbers can prove to be a headache if left unchecked, and the hazards they bring are also something that you shouldn’t take lightly.

If your ant problems at home don’t seem to get any better, get to know five reasons why that may be before calling in pest control in Singapore.

Food gets left out in the open 

Similar to any other pests, ants require sufficient food and water to live. To solve their need for nourishment, ants typically go for accessible food sources like those that can be found in kitchens and dining areas.

Thankfully, there’s a simple fix for this cause, and that’s to be more diligent when cleaning up around areas in the house where leftover food may have been left behind. Also, it’s recommended to store food items in airtight containers and store everything else that can be refrigerated inside the fridge.

Greasy surfaces aren’t regularly cleaned

Although it may seem unlikely, leftover grease and food residue are other food sources that attract the attention of ants. These can be typically found underneath stoves, nooks and crannies on the kitchen countertop and even in the sink.

To remove these hidden attractors, thorough cleaning is a must whenever a mess is made during meal preperation. Rigorously inspect everything you used when cooking and ensure that they’re all spotless before returning them to their proper place.

Sticky garbage is left lying around

The thought of rinsing out garbage bins after disposal does not come naturally to most people. Hence, this result in waste residue sticking to the sides and attracting ants. Like the previous causes, you should thoroughly clean garbage bins and any other waste containers after disposal to prevent them from attracting unwanted attention from ants and other dangerous pests, such as rodents.

Additionally, if your bins at home don’t have a tight seal, consider replacing them with newer ones to prevent ants from getting inside while they’re still in use.

Leaky pipes have gone unnoticed

Apart from food, water is something that ants also seek to ensure their survival. As such, they will also go out in search of a steady source of water to bring back to their nests. One such candidate that may be found near your home is leaky pipes.

An easy way to determine if your pipes are leaking is to check your recent water bills and compare them with previous ones. If your usage has remained steady but there’s been a marginal increase in your fees, it may be time to check for leaks and solve two issues at once.


Ants are common household pests that can prove difficult to eliminate by yourself. By removing the causes that invite their presence into your home, you’ll notice their numbers dwindle slowly but surely over time.

If you need professional pest control services in Singapore, PestClinic has you covered. With over 30 years of combined experience in removing a wide range of pests big and small, we are confident that we can effectively solve your ant infestation and any other pest problems you may have at home.

Don’t hesitate to call us today and get a complimentary consultation to learn more details about our services.

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!