3 Qualities To Look For In A Commercial Disinfection Service

June 21, 2022
3 Qualities To Look For In A Commercial Disinfection Service

Truth be told: disinfecting businesses and commercial spaces should not just be done during a pandemic. This is because public places, such as food chains, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, and supermarkets, are susceptible to pest infiltration – flies, rodents, ants, termites, and the like, which can cause different kinds of illnesses. To keep your employees and customers safe, it would be wise to hire experts in disinfection services and pest control in Singapore.

To ensure that the job is done as efficiently as possible, it is imperative that you hire the right company that offers trusted disinfection services. Professional disinfection is necessary in cases such as after hiring reliable pest control. This eliminates odour and microorganisms that can cause various illnesses, affecting employees’ health and productivity.

To learn if a company is the right fit, here are the top 3 qualities to look for when considering a disinfection service provider:


 A truly competent company is one that could provide a checklist of all the things needed to be disinfected, along with the processes that they will go through to ensure a thorough job. Additionally, they typically come equipped with reliable staff. Things such as ensuring the team arrives on schedule and are able to handle trouble spots with ease may be minor to one’s eye, but it only serves as proof that the company is professional and that they value their clients’ time.


The chances are, an established company will likely have earned a reputation in the industry. As such, this is why it is essential to look into their track record to prove their reliability. To do so, you may check customer ratings and how they stand in the local business community – this way, you will know whether previous customers are satisfied with their performance and are willing to vouch for them.

3. Pricing 

Generally, companies that offer reliable pest control and disinfection services in Singapore charge a flat rate on an hourly basis. Others may charge higher depending on the facility to be serviced or the size of the area, as a bigger building will typically require more time, human resources, and supplies.

That said, it would help if you look for a company that offers competitive pricing for their disinfection services. However, when doing so, it would be best to keep in mind that low costs can suggest poor service; be sure to check reviews online!


Disinfection is a crucial step to take after you have commissioned a company that offers pest control to prevent the spread of germs brought about by pests. It is vital to remember that one sick employee is enough to infect the whole staff, putting your business at risk of being understaffed.

At PestClinic Singapore, we have accumulated over 30 years of experience offering top-notch pest control and disinfection services, including termite inspection in Singapore, to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We are passionate about providing all clients with safe and effective pest control in Singapore using best practices and the latest technology to ensure that all pests, germs, and microorganisms are entirely eradicated. Get hold of us today for more information.

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Professional Pest Control Services

Get a FREE pest control quotation & ENJOY $30 OFF our pest control services!