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PestClinic is an established pest control provider, with combined knowledge of more than 30 years and proven solutions that free you heading to the battlefield.

Pests are not welcome anywhere: not at home or our workplaces, be it residential properties, offices or restaurants.

A pest invasion represents large potential costs for companies, especially those in the service industry. Our wide array of pest control services can be utilised anywhere in Singapore, including residential, commercial & industrial property and are trusted by countless companies and clients.

Why Choose PestClinic?

At PestClinic, we utilise the latest pest control techniques and technology, and incorporate them with established traditions to practise the most effective methods of pest control. Our specialised service personnel are trained and certified by the NEA to provide the safest, most effective and cleanest pest control methods! You won’t have to worry about having to clear countless bodies of terminated pests from all over your home, workplace, restaurant or office. Naturally, neither our service personnel or our pest control methods will leave behind a large and untidy mess. Once we leave, our only legacy is the absence of any pests. Otherwise, everything else will be exactly as it was before, without any hidden costs.

With our strong passion and considerable knowledge in all aspects of in pest control, we are well equipped to handle any pest issue you might face, all at an affordable price. We will ensure you have peace of mind & no more sleepless nights, with the knowledge that any pest invasion is being thoroughly and cleanly dealt with.

Methods Used for Our Pest Control Services

There are 2 key aspects of our pest control methods:

1. Source Elimination

Source elimination means that we tackle the pest problem at its root: we find out why and what is causing pests to invade your home or office, before addressing it at its source to eliminate these unwelcome invaders.

2. Reduction

Reduction looks to handle the existing problem, as an additional measure to source elimination. As we remove the source of the pest problem, we also reduce and remove the pests that have already invaded your home. This ensures we thoroughly remove all traces of these invaders from your residential or commercial property.


The other targeted methods of treatment used by the company include mist fumigate; residual spraying; bin chutes fogging; adult control in case of mosquitoes; spot treatment; corrective treatment, insecticides; fly killers; larval control; chemical treatment for bedbugs; gel baits for ants and cockroaches; use of cockroach baits; and baiting program for termites and the use of rodenticides and trappings for rodents.

Need a trusted and professional pest control solution? PestClinic is the premier choice for all of your pest problems! Call us at +65 6397 5677 or email us at to enquire about all our services today and ENJOY $30 OFF!

Pest Control Company in Singapore


With over 30 years of experience & expertise combined, we assure that pests are wiped out fully without leaving a single trace.


Our Pest Control Specialists are all NEA trained and certified to bring you quality pest control treatments.


Schedule a complimentary consultation for your Residential or Commercial place and effectively rid your life of pests!

Pest Control for Singapore Business & Residential Properties




Stop worrying about pests. PestClinic is the solution.

How does PestClinic work?

Once an appointment is made and when necessary, our consultant will be on-site for a free consultation or assessment as soon as possible. Our consultant will then determine the best way to proceed before we begin removing these uninvited guests.

Our Pest Control Specialities

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Restaurant Pest Control Singapore
Residential Pest Control Services in Singapore (Bed Bugs)
Residential Pest Control Services in Singapore (Cockroaches)
Pest Control Companies (Termites)
Residential Pest Control Services in Singapore (Cockroaches)
Soil Treatment Pest Control Service
Snake Pest Control Service Singapore


Read what they have to say about our service.

Danica Chia
Danica Chia
September 25, 2023.
Highly recommend pest clinic if you’ve experienced any bed bugs! Yvonne was very helpful with her advice and quick to respond for arrangement of treatments 🙂 Our technician Steven is also very friendly and conscientious in his work, moving heavy furniture so that he can properly access the spots for treatment. He even single-handedly flipped over the sofa and ottoman to apply the chemical treatment to the underside so as not to damage the leather. Every treatment session comes complete with a report, thoroughly enjoyed their professional service.
raneer app
raneer app
September 4, 2023.
Excellent service, in the first appointment, Steven took the time to check and explain how we can prevent pest problems! The price is reasonable! And we signed a year package as we feel assuring! Thank you for the service!
Zen S
Zen S
August 16, 2023.
Very professional and caring.
xuemei cui
xuemei cui
August 15, 2023.
之前租住landed house, 入住时发现蟑螂,接受他们的灭虫服务后,2年没有再出现过蟑螂。也使用他们的灭蚊服务,期间极少出现蚊子。这次租住公寓在停车场发现老鼠,他们非常迅速有效的上门灭鼠,非常专业,非常耐心。
benny chee
benny chee
July 27, 2023.
Super impressed with the speed they respond. Great customer service and highly impressed with this company . For personal reasons not due to them, we didn’t get to use them but would highly recommend giving them a go
Jasmine Tan Shankar
Jasmine Tan Shankar
July 21, 2023.
We have been engaging Pest Clinic service since 2017. Jessy is always very helpful during my stressful moments dealing with pest invasion (ticks and roaches ) in our home . Pest controller , Win who came to my home first time to help eliminate roaches problems and he is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful . I appreciate the help from the company . Thank you .
Angelica Chia
Angelica Chia
July 6, 2023.
I would like to really shank Jessie Yeoh and Joseph for going the extra mile. I really appreciate it very much. Thank you, and I would patronise your service again if needed.
Lim Siew Hui
Lim Siew Hui
June 7, 2023.
They are very responsive and thorough with their work , and I value the punctuality of their technicians, patient and always friendly with my questions. Highly recommended for anyone that needed pest control services 👍
Emily English
Emily English
April 11, 2023.
Pestclinic have been extremely polite and professional to deal with in all aspects. Very clear communication which has been appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

For low to moderate pest infestation levels or to protect and maintain, pest control services are normally performed fortnightly to monthly. However, due to environmental or situational factors, or if an acute infestation occurs, frequent treatments are required. For example, if a home is located near a dengue cluster, regular mosquito protection measures should be implemented to protect against dengue. Poor housekeeping can result in the need for frequent pest control services as well, if the environment is unhygienic, with things such as food scraps or spillage, it will have a higher risk of a pest infestation. Weather is also another factor that may enhance pest prevalence due to their desire to seek shelter indoors, particularly during the rainy season.

In most circumstances, we can expect a reduction in bug or insect activity within 1 to 2 days. The exact duration is determined by the type of pest we are working with and also the type of solution we use to achieve the long-term outcome.

In some circumstances, you may notice a subtle rise in insect activity immediately following our initial pest control service treatment. This serves as an indication that the pest control solutions are effective. We have disturbed their usual breeding and feeding behaviours, and they’re on the lookout for a new home. the only difference is that pesticide is now all over them. However, do allow a week or two as these pests won’t be around for long with pesticides over them.

There are a few short-term fixes that may work temporarily, but basic pest control items tend to be ineffective in the long run and requires numerous time-consuming attempts. While taking matters into your own hands can be useful in some cases, pest control almost always takes more planning and attention than you can provide. A complete pest infestation removal can be challenging to do alone and without the proper tools and safety equipment for the job, the odds of DIY pest control backfiring are relatively high. Do contact us for professional pest control services in Singapore.

Allow plenty of space for the pest control professionals to work in around the pest infestation area. Do shift any obstructing furniture or appliances away and take note of nearby items such as clothes, curtains or toiletries, this will also help to protect them from any chemical damage.

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